Alpaca helps
to open links which bypass the browser

It converts links for Notion, Spotify, Figma, and other native apps, absolutely free!

Converts URL to URI for the easy access to native apps


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Hey guys! Let's all round up and put our minds together in order to complete all the tasks in the sprint:
notion labelspotify labelzoom labelmiro labeltelegram labelairtable labelfigma labelvk label


teams from around the world
use Alpaca every day.
You can also join on
Slack or Microsoft Teams


How can I add Alpaca app to Slack?

Click "Add to Slack" or you can find an app in the official store. With the help of the command "/invite", you can invite Alpaca into the channel. Additionally, you can write to it through direct messages.

Top 8 apps that Alpaca supports

At the moment you can use any link from - Notion, Spotify, Miro, Telegram, Figma, Vkontakte, Airtable, Zoom. The list of bots will be updated over time.

Are there any restrictions to the size of the team?

No, Alpaca works with teams that have any team members in their workspace.

It is free?

Yes, it is absolutely free for your workplace. But you can buy us a cup of coffee to support the team :)